Positive Reinforcement Training and Loving Animal Care

Junior Animal Trainer

This program is for students 10-15 years of age who love animals, are interested in learning how to train animals using positive reinforcement and clicker training, and who may want to work in the animal field someday as an animal caregiver, animal trainer or veterinarian.

I will share my animal training knowledge and expertise with children and teach them how to train animals humanely, without the use of corrections and punishment. The techniques the students will learn in the class are the same techniques I used when I was a trainer at the San Diego Zoo and I currently use to train dogs and other animals in my own business.

With clicker training you can teach an elephant to offer their trunk for a medical procedure in a sanctuary; teach a horse to happily enter a trailer; reinforce desirable behaviors in dogs at the shelter, or teach your animal at home a fun, new trick.

Class includes hands-on instruction in training animals, crafts and enrichment items for dogs made by student they can take home, learning about careers in the animal field and much more!

Students must bring a friendly dog to class. The dog must have not history of aggression towards people or animals