“I adopted Bailey from the Oceanside Humane Society when she was 7 months old. I was informed I was her third owner in her short life. Bailey was timid, hid food, urinated in the house, and was generally unattached to our family. After researching canine training methods, I chose clicker training and contacted Britta’s Animal Training. Britta’s lessons focused on correcting behaviors I was concerned with. Before a lesson she previewed what we would work on, after she would review, then later that day send me an email outlining what we did and the homework we were to work on. I wanted to be able to bring Bailey to Farmer’s Markets, street fairs, etc. Britta suggested we meet at a Farmer’s Market, she trained Bailey, while showing and telling me what I needed to do, pay attention to, how to interact with people, children, and other dogs. This was invaluable. Bailey is the first dog I’ve had that when I walk in the door I’m not worried about something being ruined, chewed, a mess. Britta’s training gave Bailey confidence, she doesn’t hide, she’s in the middle of the family.” Jayme F.