“Britta is an outstanding trainer, but even more importantly, she is an outstanding person with a very kind and gentle heart. Our puppy Bob started in her Puppy Basics for 3 class at 7 weeks and just finished the Good Manner’s for 3 at almost 7 months old. It has been a very rewarding and enjoyable 15 weeks with Britta! Not only does he listen to his commands, but he looks forward to his training time and as a result, is a very happy, well trained dog. Bob was a very wiggly, wild puppy who had a hard time channeling his energy and listening to commands. After just 5 weeks with Britta, Bob had a very strong recall, knew basic behaviors, and had the foundation for more advanced training. By the end of the 15 week series, we have built an amazing connection with Bob and he understands and listens to a long list commands in a variety of settings (dog beach, park, etc.).”

“Britta is possibly the best animal handler we have ever met. She is patient and kind, she uses positive reinforcement, and she offered a wealth of knowledge on dog training and how to shape any behavior we want Bob to do. It is truly the kind of training that you can keep building on for the dog’s lifetime. Not only has she trained Bob to be an excellent dog, but she trained us as well to be confident pet parents!” Juliana D. and Adam C.