Gus and Bruno


“I reached out to Britta shortly after the birth of our new baby. I was struggling and overwhelmed with our two French bulldogs, who, while very loving and sweet, suffered from a variety of issues ranging from potty training to separation anxiety, to aggression towards strangers and dogs, to not knowing how to deal with the new tiny human wreaking havoc on their lives! Britta swooped in and immediately provided logistical solutions that made our family’s life easier right off the bat. Then in working with her over several sessions she provided me with the knowledge and tools to help hone my dogs behavior and make our dogs happier and healthier overall, as well as ensure for the safety of our baby. Plus she has such a sweet and calm presence that was very appreciated during such a hectic time in our lives. We are so grateful for Britta’s help and we strongly recommend her!”  Sarah I-W