Gus and Piper


“I love my dog, but the pandemonium whenever someone came to the door was really starting to upset me. Gus, my terrier, could simply not control himself and his excitement would translate into endless frantic barking that kept going and going. I didn’t even want to have anyone come over for a visit because of the histrionics. Finally I got smart and contacted Britta for help.

Britta observed and analyzed our situation, and came up with a plan to train both Gus and me! She taught me the basics of using a clicker and positive reinforcement techniques to help teach Gus how to behave more calmly at the sound of a knock on the door. Over a period of several weeks the improvement was huge. Gus has learned to sit quietly for his treat reward at the sound of the clicker instead of racing wildly to the door in a barking frenzy.


Britta also helped me to work with my beagle, Piper, who made a mad dash to get out of the car whenever we arrived at our destination. This was dangerous for Piper and for me, as she would clamor and claw her way out the door, often leaving me scratched and always upset. I had stopped taking her places because I feared she would get away from me when I opened the car door. After only a few sessions Piper learned to sit quietly in the back seat and wait to be allowed out of the car on her leash – again, a remarkable improvement in behavior in a very short time.

I regret that I waited so long to get Britta’s help. Her patience and calm demeanor are contagious and I think the animals respond well to her for those reasons.” Jane C.