“We hired Britta to care for our dog, Obi, while we went on a vacation for a week to visit family in the Midwest. Traveling since getting Obi has been extremely difficult since he is a very anxious dog and also extremely reactive towards other dogs. Asking friends or family to watch him not only seems like an unfair favor to ask, but also potentially unsafe since others might not be able to recognize his triggers quickly enough. Britta and I had worked together in the past at the San Diego Humane Society and when I heard that she had started her own business caring for and training people’s furry companions, I was so excited to have a solution to our loss of freedom. During our employment, she was over and above a kind, gentle, and creative animal caretaker, always striving to keep the stress level of animal’s at the most minimum level and treating each and every animal as her own. Her love and compassion was not missed by a single animal that came through those doors and I couldn’t think of anyone more suited to care for Obi in our absence than her.


I am so glad that we hired Britta to care for Obi. While away, she texted us pictures of Obi sniffing flowers and taking walks (something we haven’t felt safe to do with him for the last two years due to his reactivity level). We came home to a more relaxed dog than we have ever experienced. He was so happy, loose, and mellow… I just can’t quite explain how amazing it was to see Obi this way. Britta used positive reinforcement clicker training and played ball with him so that he could get both a mental and physical workout. From my experience working with her, I also know she gave him a ton of love.

We were completely elated that we hired Britta to care for Obi. We felt completely confident in his safety and well-being while gone and were able to enjoy our trip completely stress free. I cannot recommend Britta’s services enough. I knew she would be 100% loving to Obi, but I was blown away by her training skills and how many layers of anxiety and excitement were peeled off of our dog in the short week in her care. She truly is an amazing resource and a joy to work with for humans too!” Alicia D