“Britta came into our life at a very difficult time. Our 10 month old puppy, Ollie, had been in a downward spiral of weird and aggressive behaviors. Day-to-day interactions involved manic excitement toward other dogs or fun people and scary barking and lunging at motorcycles and skateboards. We couldn’t have people in the house. Britta came to work with us around the holidays, she gave us tools to work with our dog and have people over. Best Christmas present our family could have gotten! The very first thing Britta did though saved us, and Ollie. Britta had us go the vet for a complete checkup and gave me a key resource that lead me to suspect Ollie was hypothyroid. Our vet ran the tests to confirm the diagnosis and once Ollie’s hormone levels were properly managed with medication, she was a totally different dog. Britta helped us get our dog healthy and taught us how to communicate with our pup. She saved our family and gave us our joyful, healthy puppy back!

Britta is exceptionally hard working, fantastic with animals, and a really lovely lady. Every session we had with Britta was so helpful! Chock-full of tips and ideas, and she always had treats and little samples to share with us. After every session, I’d get an email, text or phone call from Britta, she just kept thinking about the challenge we were tackling that week and, even after spending extra time with us, she’d think of another suggestion that she wanted to give us. I can’t say enough about Britta’s skill and dedication. She really gets dogs and works hard to get the people she trains to be good dog-people too (really, she’s trained us, not our dog).” Aundrea C.