“Britta came to us through a mutual friend, luckily for both of us. I had just moved into a small house from 5000 sq. feet and for Tego, a gi-normous courtyard of which she was the Queen each and every day. Unfortunately, I now have a little side yard for Tego and a back deck. She could only get out of the small house through a doggie door, of which she wanted no part. I tried everything, and then I tried Britta. Britta gained Tego’s trust quickly and within weeks was using the doggie door and has never looked back.

In addition, Tego is lonely in the house all alone all day and I am grateful to have Britta stop by for walks. Britta is gracious enough to send pictures of Tego on the walks which has been a day brightener for me while I miss her at work.

Britta also taught me about dog puzzles and classical music for canine stimulation which works like a charm to brighten up Tego’s long days and makes such a difference in her little personality each night when I arrive home.

We are so lucky to have Britta in our collective lives. She has made a big difference in both of our adjustments to our new lives. Yes, she is a dog whisperer. Thank you BRITTA!”  Joni L.